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AlomWare Actions thumbnail AlomWare Actions

Work smarter and be more productive by automating all aspects of your day! Quickly create actions that open documents and apps with a hotkey, or that type text for you, or that send push notifications by email to you about things, and so much more!

AlomWare Lights thumbnail AlomWare Lights

Do you use a laptop or wireless keyboard that doesn't show the LED status of the Num Lock, Caps Lock or Scroll Lock keys? How annoying! AlomWare Lights is your solution: it always displays their status on your desktop at all times.

AlomWare Reset thumbnail AlomWare Reset

Why wait for your PC to reboot? Quickly reset in 10 seconds instead! Often your PC doesn't need a reboot to get that "fresh" feeling, but just needs all running apps closed and some key settings reset and/or cleared. Try AlomWare Reset to feel how good your PC can be!

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