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To use these example actions:  Make sure you're using the latest version of AlomWare Actions.
Click a description to expand and reveal the action's text, and then copy the text from start to end.
Import the copied text into AlomWare Actions with Ctrl+N, and then assign an optional hotkey for it.
Done! Now just press the hotkey (or run the action manually) to enjoy using your PC the simple way!

How can we simplify your PC today?
Actions - Apps - Clipboard - Computer - Email - Files - Folders - Math - Text - Time - Typing - Web



Ask user to select an app to launch (no branching)
Ask user to select an app to launch (with branching)
Disable (ignore) a block of steps in an action
Do something based on who's logged into the PC
Game example to show variables and if/then blocks
Line continuation example for long text strings
Repeat a single step a set number of times
Repeat a block of steps a set number of times
Routine example to re-use a block of steps
Stop an action running more than once at a time
Swap the contents of two variables
Toggle an action each time it's run



Always keep the active window on top of all others
Keep calculator running at all times (even if it crashes)
Launch notepad and calculator at top corners and type to them
Open calculator on top of all other windows at 75% transparency
Remind myself to disable the internet before running a specific app
Resize the active window to be one-third of the desktop's width
Run an executable with administrator rights
Run the Snipping Tool when PrintScreen is pressed
View the HTML source in Google Chrome with Notepad



Convert the clipboard text to lower case
Convert the clipboard text to upper case
Convert the clipboard text to sentence case
Convert the clipboard text to title case
Cut the selected text and paste it back in sentence case
Save the clipboard text to the desktop
Search and replace the clipboard text
Set the clipboard text to my multi-line signature



Create a Restore Point (needs admin rights)
Disable internet access (needs admin rights)
Hide the mouse until the user moves it or starts typing
Lock the PC and turn off the monitor to save battery
Open 'god mode' (Windows Vista and later)
Save a screenshot to the desktop immediately
Save a screenshot to the desktop after 5 seconds
Set a random wallpaper from a folder of images
Show when the PC was last started (like uptime)
Start the default screensaver (if configured)
Toggle the visibility of desktop icons



Email a screenshot to someone
Email myself when C: has less than 100 MB space free
Email myself when Calculator stops, but also restart it
Schedule an email to send automatically
Send an email without opening Outlook
Send a quick email to AlomWare
Send myself an email with the clipboard text



Add a quick note to a file on my desktop
Back up my spreadsheet before opening it
Copy all screensaver files to the desktop
Open my spreadsheet document
Remove " - Shortcut" from filenames in the active folder
Search and replace filenames in the active folder
Search and replace phrases inside text files of the active folder
Show all files in the "Windows" folder
Show the WIN.INI file contents



Create a child folder from an exe name in the active folder
Copy a list of files for the active folder to the clipboard
Open a DOS prompt for the active folder
Open Internet Explorer's folder
Open my 'Documents' folder
Open three folders at different desktop positions
Show a directory listing of the C: drive



Assigning variables and doing maths with in-line equations
Add two numbers together (using variables)
Add two numbers together (without variables)
Calculate your birth year
Convert celsius to fahrenheit
Convert fahrenheit to celsius



Assign a string from an INI file entry
Boilerplate letter/template example
Combine two strings of text together
Encrypt text and copy it to the clipboard
Decrypt text that was previously encrypted
Show the user's name in reverse


  Time and Reminders

Ask me when to shut down the PC
Ask me about my posture every hour
Let me know when I can post to Reddit
Remind me to go to bed at 10pm
Remind me to feed the cat in 30 minutes
Set a reminder by asking the timeframe
Shut down PC at midnight after two warnings



Disable a key on the keyboard
Enter an equation and type the result
Remap a key to type something else
Type the date into the current document
Type my email address
Type my multi-line signature



Download an internet file to the desktop
Open MajorGeeks.com to browse software
Open a random Wikipedia article to read
Ping Google and see the results in a message
Search Google for the text in the clipboard
Search Google for Windows-only software
Show a prompt with 1 USD converted to AUD

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