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Simplify your PC with automated actions!

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As featured in French computer magazine "PC Trucs & Astuces" (Feb 2017)
Watch the introductory video that was kindly created by "FindMySoft" for us

Open quoteThe reason I bought Actions is that I liked the feel & style of the app. Its just that simple.Close quote

Open quoteThis is an amazing piece of software that will let you automate your Windows PC to the fullest.Close quote

Are you still doing things the hard way on your PC? Enhance your productivity and simplify your computer with the best automation software for Windows: AlomWare Actions! It can record your mouse and keystrokes for future playback, expand text with shortcuts, type phrases with a hotkey, manipulate the clipboard text, keep windows on top of others or make them see-through, open documents and launch apps, rename files and folders, and lots more! Your imagination is the only limit, so browse our Actions Library to get free example actions that will start simplifying your computing life today!

Case Use 1:  Still slowly typing your email address and other regular text manually? Use hotkeys! Just create an action with "Keyboard: Type keystrokes" as the step, with a value of "my@address.com". Now set a hotkey for the action and you'll never have to type your email address again. Likewise, AlomWare Actions is your friend for pasting canned responses to people, because a single hotkey can set the clipboard text and immediately paste it for you, making it your perfect time-saver when common replies are needed!

Case Use 2:  Your daily productivity starts to increase when you use AlomWare Actions to keep your favorite windows always on top of others, in addition to automatically setting the size and position of them, and even having optional transparency to see through them. This is because your brain gets used to them being in a specific place and size, so you work faster as a result. The built-in Action Wizard makes it simple to save one or all of your current window states for later restoration at any time.

Case Use 3:  Are you tired of manually moving your mouse to click and do the same things over and over? We've got your back! AlomWare Actions comes with an included macro maker (mouse recorder) to record your keystrokes and mouse activity for future playback. This means you can sit back, relax, and watch your regular work being done, instead of manually doing it yourself every day. Hand-editing of recordings is supported too, so you can remove incorrect keystrokes or reduce time delays in your macros.

AlomWare Actions screenshot

If you don't want to make any actions yourself, the easy Action Wizard will instantly create a selection of common actions for you, including remembering how all your windows are positioned and sized! Just select the action type and follow the easy prompts. Your time-saving action will be ready in less than a minute! For custom assistance we also offer a premium help service.

There's no two ways about it: if you're not using AlomWare Actions, then you're doing things the hard way. Make life easier on yourself by simplifying your PC today! The free lite version allows you to create and edit 10 actions for regular use, but if you need more then a small upgrade fee provides you with a huge 999 time-saving actions instead. Don't wait to run out: do yourself a favor and upgrade now.

Example benefits at home or the office:

States  Save your favorite window positions and sizes to restore that way at any time.
On top  Make any window stay on top of all others, and also set its transparency level.
Type  Record your mouse and keystrokes for playback at any time to avoid repetition.
Type  Type your email address, today's date, or regular blocks of text with a hotkey.
Clipboard  Set the clipboard text to anything you wish, or alter it to lower/upper/title case.
Clock  Set a timer to remind you of something, or to schedule tasks at a chosen time.

Example benefits for geeks:

Prompt  Disable any key from working, or remap any key so that it types something else.
Tick  Send an email without needing to launch Outlook or logging into your mail app.
Push notification by email  Get email push notifications when something happens on your PC or a website.
Prompt  Download the raw content of web pages and pluck text information from them.
Prompt  Run DOS commands and get their output as a string for further manipulation.

Example benefits for everyone:

Key  Speed up your PC by replacing multiple existing tools with AlomWare Actions.
Launch  Launch your apps at the specific desktop position and/or size that you prefer.
Web  Open your favorite websites without relying on browser bookmarks anymore.
Volume  Set your PC's volume level to something specific, or mute/unmute with events.

Plus lots more!     See our Actions Library for FREE actions.

AlomWare Actions features

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