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How do I know your apps are safe?

The safety of our apps is proven with VirusTotal and our Google Transparency Report, as well as being certified safe by the respected websites above. We've even been featured in France's popular "PC Trucs & Astuces" magazine (issue 26, Feb 2017). Some anti-virus products, such as Qihoo-360, might incorrectly report "heur", "gen", "generic" or "sus" for an app when they can't find any actual malware but assume it's dangerous anyway (such as resetting a PC, or typing things automatically). If this happens with our apps, simply put them in your scanner's exclusion or safe list to stop the warning.

How do I know my online purchase is safe?

We use PayPal for your purchases, and they also accept credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) without requiring you to create a PayPal account. PayPal uses secure encryption verified by Symantec Corporation to ensure your payment information is always 100% safe. Your payment and credit card details are never seen by AlomWare, and thus can't be "hacked" from us in any way. You can buy with confidence!

What happens after I purchase an app?

PayPal immediately provides an unlock code for your purchase. Activate the code to instantly enable full unrestricted functionality for the app, and you'll receive a permanent license code for the purchased version series by email later.

Why does my app have a license problem?

This means PayPal's unlock code has expired and you haven't yet activated your permanent license code that was emailed to you after payment. Please activate your permanent code as explained in the email, or visit our Contact page if you can't find it.

What are portable apps and why are they important?

Portable (or sandboxed) apps, like ours, are those which only access their own folders and don't touch anything else on your PC without your permission. This keeps your PC clean and lets you continue using that app with its current settings even after a re-install of Windows (assuming you ran it from an external hard drive, USB stick, or SD card). Portable apps should always be your first choice in software for your PC.

Can you tell me more about your apps?

As well as being portable, our apps are don't require you to install any additional bloated runtime technologies like .NET, Java, or other frameworks; and they are free of viruses and malware and never spy on you. This is the way all software should be!

How do I install an app?

Double-click the downloaded Setup.exe file to start the process. If you get a warning like this or this just accept them to continue. The default base folder for our apps is "C:\AlomWare" to make them easy for you to find, and because "C:\Program Files" needs admin rights to install. You can change this default folder if you like. Accept the license agreement when shown, and follow and accept any warning prompts.

How can I install to "Program Files"?

If you get "Error 5: Access is denied" when installing our apps to "Program Files", it's because you don't have admin rights. That's why we default to "C:\AlomWare" instead, to avoid this problem. You can right-click "Setup.exe" and select "Run as administrator" to install our apps to "Program Files" if you have the admin password to your PC.

Why doesn't an app start or run?

We've found that some anti-virus products may silently block an unknown app from running, so temporarily disable your anti-virus and try the app again. Another cause can be your PC's User Account Control (UAC) security settings. In this case, try disabling UAC temporarily. In any event, you can verify that our apps are not the problem by running them after booting your PC in Safe Mode - they'll run perfectly.

How do I upgrade an app?

First quit the app if it's currently running, and then simply run the new Setup.exe file and install it to the existing folder to upgrade it. You won't lose any settings that you've made, as only the program files and instruction manual are replaced with the new version.

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