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Browsing Our Website

While you are browsing our website, no personal information is collected about you and we have no way of knowing who you are. However, some limited non-personal technical information can be collected about your visit, such as which web browser you're using, which links you clicked, which operating system you're running, which screen resolution and color depth your monitor has, and so on. This anonymous data collection is a standard practice for any web site on the internet and used for demographic purposes only.

Your Information

When you purchase an app from AlomWare, some personal information will have been collected about you, such as your real name, physical address, email address, and so on. This is needed for customer service and anti-fraud precautions. If you choose to purchase by credit card, your card details are never seen by AlomWare at all, as the transaction is entirely processed by PayPal. You may wish to visit PayPal's website to view its Privacy Policy to learn how they handle and protect your personal information.

Information Use

Your personal information is only used for the purpose in which it was provided. For example, we'll use your email address to respond to any queries from you, or to announce news of an update or bug-fixes for any purchases you have made from us. Your email address and other personal information will never be given to third parties under any circumstances (unless required by law, subpoena or court order).

License Retrieval

When you use our online license retrieval system, we temporarily add your email address to your license codes at retrieval time only, based on what you typed in the form. This brings two privacy benefits to you: (1) we don't need to store your email address online at all, and (2) it's impossible for anybody to obtain your email address or license codes by hacking our servers. Your privacy is guaranteed!

Feedback, Bug Reports, and Ideas

AlomWare welcomes feedback, bug reports, and ideas for our products and services. However, you agree that anything we receive from you may be used by AlomWare indefinitely in any form, and without any type of compensation, credit or acknowledgement to you.

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