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100% money-back guarantee!
After buying, PayPal shows an unlock code to instantly remove all limitations for the product, and your permanent license code for the purchased version series comes by email later.

Not sure? Your purchase entitles you to use that version series forever on as many PCs as you personally own. You are not buying a subscription; your purchased version series will never expire or "phone home"; and there is no obligation to upgrade in future.

Refund policy: Please fully trial our apps before purchasing to ensure they meet your needs. If you have any issues, email support with an explanation so we can fix the problem. If we can't help and it's within 30 days of purchase, we'll happily refund in full.

Non-private use: The above prices and information are for private home users only and not for businesses, government agencies, events, charities, or any other organizations. Please contact our sales department to learn about non-private licenses and conditions.

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