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AlomWare Reset screenshot

If your PC is sluggish and you want it feeling snappy again, don't waste precious time logging off or rebooting! AlomWare Reset closes all open windows and apps, frees up and optimizes your PC's memory, terminates all non-system processes, and generally sets up your PC as though it were freshly booted - just like this.

AlomWare Reset solves the annoyance of manually closing all applications before installing new software. Why risk a bad install by missing a background app or forgetting to close everything? Let AlomWare Reset take care of the job for you in less than 10 seconds.

You can use AlomWare Reset to quickly restart Explorer.exe as well, which is useful for times when Windows Explorer freezes (so you can't use your desktop), or to release "locked" files held by Explorer that you can't delete. Don't log off or reboot in these cases: use AlomWare Reset instead!

AlomWare Reset also has a unique "snapshot" function that remembers every app, window, and process running on your PC. After you take a snapshot, you can run new additional apps and processes temporarily, and then close (or kill) all of these automatically with one click by restoring the snapshot. This is perfect for running a temporary task without it affecting your current work or wasting additional resources.

Start enjoying these benefits today:

Tick  Freshen your PC's state without waiting for a logoff or slow reboot.
Tick  Easily close all applications before installing new software products.
Tick  Reclaim your privacy by clearing the clipboard and recent doc lists.
Tick  Restart Windows Explorer.exe to release its locked files for deletion.
Tick  Snapshot your PC to kill new apps/processes not found in the shot.
Tick  Cleanse your PC's state before putting it into Standby every night.
Tick  Close all open windows with a single click, rather than individually.
Tick  Free as much memory as possible before running a high-end game.
Tick  Remove crashed/frozen apps which can't be closed by usual means.

Slow  Real Reboot (Slow)   Fast  AlomWare Reset (Fast)
All visible applications closed
All other open windows closed
All processes ended
Memory is discarded
Clipboard data discarded
System services stopped
PC shuts down and reboots
User might have to log on
NumLock key is turned on
All drives are awake
Explorer files are released
Startup apps are launched
(That's it!)

All visible applications closed
All other open windows closed
All non-system processes ended
Memory is freed and optimized
Clipboard data is cleared
Services remain running (woohoo!)
PC remains running (double woohoo!)
User already logged on (triple woohoo!)
NumLock key is turned on (if currently off)
All sleeping drives are woken
Optional:  Explorer files are released
Optional:  Startup apps are relaunched
Optional:  Recent document lists cleared
Optional:  System 'Temp' folder emptied
Optional:  Recycle Bin emptied of trash
Optional:  Sleep/lock PC, or run bat/exe

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