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Simulate a reboot of your PC in 10 seconds!

Open quoteI use it a half a dozen times a day and adore it. Thank you so so so much!Close quote

Open quoteMy computer is kind of an annoyance to restart so your app made my life significantly easier.Close quote

When your computer is feeling sluggish and you want to make it run faster again, don't wait for a slow reboot to freshen things up: let AlomWare Reset simulate a reboot instead! With just one click it will close all apps and windows, optimize your PC's memory, terminate non-system processes, and tweak your PC as though it were freshly booted. This gives the speed-up effects of a reboot without the annoyance of waiting for one.

Case Use 1:  "Game mode" for Windows has been a feature of AlomWare Reset since 2015. It puts your PC into a state of minimal system resources before running your games with a high process priority. This results in less CPU and memory use and gives more processing power to your games - just what you need!

Case Use 2:  Your PC has locked up or frozen and you can't click or do anything at all. You've tried pressing Alt+Tab to no avail, and the Task Manager can't be accessed either. No problem: just press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Del to "reboot" your PC and AlomWare Reset will restore your PC to a working state again!

Case Use 3:  While browsing with Internet Explorer, it froze with the dreaded "Not Responding" message. Clicking its "Close" button and pressing Alt+F4 doesn't work, so what to do? The Task Manager shows dozens of "iexplore.exe" processes that will take you forever to manually end. The answer: simply press Ctrl+Alt+F4 on any single Internet Explorer window to kill all "iexplore.exe" processes immediately.

Case Use 4:  Keep your PC safe! These days it's common for support people to run remote tools so they can control your PC for you. But what are they doing after their support session has "ended"? Are they truly logged out, or are they still running something else in the background without your knowledge? It's vital that you use AlomWare Reset to "snapshot" your PC first before they do anything! When they're done, restore the snapshot and AlomWare Reset will kill any apps and processes that weren't in it, thus ensuring your PC is back to the exact runtime state it was before, without any secret background apps running.

Case Use 5:  Run temporary tasks without wasting resources! A smart practice is using AlomWare Reset to snapshot your PC's state before running any other tasks temporarily, because this ensures that when those tasks are done, your computer can be reset back to the exact memory and CPU state it was before.

Please Note!  AlomWare Reset works best when run with administrator rights (although this is not mandatory); and it is not designed to be used after system/software updates or for resolving hardware issues. You should always do a real reboot in these two latter cases.

Slow  Real Reboot (Slow)Fast  AlomWare Reset (Fast)
All visible applications closed
All other open windows closed
All processes ended
Memory is discarded
Clipboard data discarded
System services stopped
PC shuts down and reboots
User might have to log on
NumLock key is turned on
All drives are awake
Explorer files are released
Startup apps are launched
(That's it!)

All visible applications closed
All other open windows closed
All non-system processes ended
Memory is freed and optimized
Clipboard data is cleared
Services remain running (woohoo!)
PC remains running (double woohoo!)
User already logged on (triple woohoo!)
NumLock key is turned on (if currently off)
All sleeping drives are woken
Optional:  Explorer files are released
Optional:  Startup apps are relaunched
Optional:  Recent document lists cleared
Optional:  System 'Temp' folder emptied
Optional:  Recycle Bin emptied of trash
Optional:  Sleep/lock PC, or run bat/exe

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