Startup: AlomWare Toolbox and Security Apps

AlomWare Toolbox does a lot of automation work for you, which can include auto-typing of text and performing file and folder functions that you created. However, some anti-virus apps and Windows (the OS) may accidentally perceive this as malicious activity and block "Toolbox.exe" (the app's file) from carrying out your instructions. For example, if you have "Protected Folders" enabled in Windows and then enable the Setting in AlomWare Toolbox to keep all removable drives awake, then Windows might prevent the drives from being kept awake by stopping "Toolbox.exe" from waking them.

In such cases, you will need to pro-actively white-list "Toolbox.exe" in the Security settings of Windows, and/or also in your anti-virus app. For your reference, below is an image of doing this in Windows 10 (Fig. 1).

These three independent security websites prove that (the official website of "Toolbox.exe") does not host any malicious software: Google Transparency Report, Trustpilot, and VirusTotal.

Fig. 1

First Run

When AlomWare Toolbox is first run, you'll see an End-User License Agreement (EULA) that details its terms of use (Fig. 2). You must read and agree to the terms of the EULA to use the app; otherwise you may decline and delete the app from your PC.

Fig. 2

If you agree, the default and main hotkey for the app is [Ctrl]+[`], which means to hold down the [Ctrl] key and press the [`] key at the same time (Fig. 3). This hotkey is used to show AlomWare Toolbox's main window, so you can edit your automated actions and access the other productivity features of the app.

Fig. 3

If this default hotkey is already in use by another app on your PC, then you'll get a prompt asking you to specify a different hotkey (Fig. 4). Choose a hotkey of your liking, and click the [OK] button.

You cannot use the app without setting the main hotkey.

Fig. 4

If you ever forget the main hotkey, you can see it by hovering your mouse over the app's icon in the System Tray (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5

Main hotkey set? Then you're ready to go!

You may now browse the topics in the list at left to learn more about AlomWare Toolbox. You should first read about the app's Privacy settings, and then learn about AlomWare Toolbox's window.