Your Privacy with AlomWare Toolbox

AlomWare Toolbox (and Alomware, the company) takes your privacy seriously at all times. Therefore, AlomWare Toolbox was designed to never send anything you do with it, or any data from your PC, to either us or over the internet at any time. Obviously, there are exceptions when you've purposely designed an automated action to email something to someone, but that's a conscious decision from yourself and not the app doing something sneaky behind the scenes. If you don't intend to use the email feature, and you're not sure whether to trust the app, then you can lock down AlomWare Toolbox with the firewall of Windows for your own peace-of-mind. Click here to learn how.

In the Settings of AlomWare Toolbox, there's a section called "Privacy and your data" (Fig. 1) where you can choose what AlomWare Toolbox does with your data. For example, you can set it to not remember your copied clipboard text, or not to remember certain types of clipboard text (such as your credit card number, address, etc). You can set it to not save screenshots, or to use DuckDuckGo instead of Google when AlomWare Toolbox does a web search for you. You're in complete control!

Fig. 1