The Command Box

At the top-left of AlomWare Toolbox's window is the Command Box (Fig. 1). This is used to enter pre-set commands to do something quickly, such as basic math calculations (+ - * / only and brackets); setting ad-hoc reminders; running a DOS command; terminating a process without needing to open the Windows Task Manager; and several others. When you type something in the Command Box that isn't a calculation, the number of characters typed is shown in the Info Box to its right.

Press the [F6] key at any time to select the Command Box, and press the [Up] and [Down] arrow keys to cycle back and forward through the commands you've entered. Press the [F1] key on the Command Box to see which commands you can type in it (Fig. 2).

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Command Examples

Example 1:  Imagine you want to type the result of an equation into your current document. Open AlomWare Toolbox with its hotkey and type the calculation here with a trailing equals sign (such as 100+36=), and press the [Enter] key (Fig. 3). The result of 136 will be typed into the previous document you were using.

Fig. 3

Example 2:  Imagine you need to quickly set a 10-minute reminder to pick up the pizza you ordered. Open AlomWare Toolbox with its hotkey, type !10Get pizza, and press the [Enter] key. In ten minutes, a reminder with an alarm sound will occur (Fig. 4). How fast and easy was that to set a reminder?

Fig. 4

Example 3:  Imagine you need to quickly kill all "notepad.exe" processes on your PC. Open AlomWare Toolbox with its hotkey, type -notepad.exe, and press the [Enter] key (Fig. 5). All "notepad.exe" processes will be terminated instantly!  (Note: Killing processes like this will lose any unsaved data in them).

Fig. 5