Calendar Tab

The Calendar tab (Fig. 1) is used for all things related to time, dates, reminders, and scheduled tasks.

You can right-click the tab itself to set it as your favorite tab (always shown when Toolbox's window opens), or to access related Settings for it.

Fig. 1

The Command Box has two quick functions for time and dates:
  • Seeing the date a certain number of days back or forward, which is shown in the Information Box to its right (item B). The format to use is -# to see the date # days back, or +# to see the date # days ahead. For example, entering +7 will show the date next week in the Information Box.
  • Setting quick text reminders. The format to use is !#text, with the ! prefix signifying that you're adding a reminder, # is the number of minutes to wait (1 to 1440 [24 hours]), and text is the pop-up message to show. Press [Enter] after typing. For example, entering !10Leave now will pop up a reminder message in 10 minutes to "Leave now". The reminder is added to the current reminders/tasks list (item G).
This Information Box shows either the length of the text in the Command Box (item A), or the result of a date calculation as mentioned in item A above.
A multi-month calendar for quick and easy date referencing and calculations. The taller you resize AlomWare Toolbox's window, the more months you can see at once. Clicking a date will show information about it in the list to its right. Right-click the calender to go back or ahead a certain number of days or weeks.
  • Hold down the [Ctrl] key when clicking a date to start creating a new reminder or scheduled task for that date (item J).
  • Hold down the [Shift] key when clicking a date to make that the "base" date for subsequent clicks, so that clicking another date will show the number of days away from that base date.
Shows information about the selected date in the month view (item C).
Shows information related to today's date, such as the date X days away from today, and the number of days left until the end of this month (useful for meeting end-of-month sales quotas).
Shows annual events that you can add or remove, such as anniversaries, birthdays, and end of financial year for your country. Right-click the list anywhere in that section to add, edit, or remove events.
Shows all current reminders and scheduled tasks that you've added from the "New Scheduled Item" section below the list (item J). Their arrival times are color-coded: gray means more than a week away, black means within the next seven days, blue means within the next ten minutes, and red means within the next minute. Right-click an item to either go to it in the calendar; lock it from deletion/editing; or delete it. To edit an existing reminder or task in this list, click it in the list so that its details populate the "New Scheduled Item" fields (item J), make your changes, and then click "Add the above" to add it as a new item. Then click the old item in the list again and press the [Delete] key to remove it.
Shows all arrived reminders and scheduled tasks. Clicking an item in the list will show how long it's been since it arrived (in days).
Shows all missed reminders and scheduled tasks, which are those that arrived when your PC was off/sleeping, or if AlomWare Toolbox wasn't running at the time. If a missed reminder or task exists when AlomWare Toolbox starts, you'll get a red notification about it. Clicking an item in the list will show how long it's been since it was missed (in days).
The "New Scheduled Item" section lets you add a new reminder or scheduled task, which can be either one-off or recurring; and to trigger the reminder/task on a specific date or after a duration of time. Fill in the fields here and click "Add the above" when done.
A quick reference of the current time and date.