Notes Tab

The Notes tab (Fig. 1) is used to write quick plain-text notes for easy searching and reference later. Each note can be partially or fully encrypted with a password, and there's an optional setting to auto-save them every minute while they're being edited.

You can right-click the tab itself to set it as your favorite tab (always shown when Toolbox's window opens), or to access related Settings for it.

Fig. 1

The Command Box lets you search your notes for any text, as a quick alternative to the filter function (item E). The format to use is ?text, with the ? prefix signifying that you're searching your notes, and text is the text to find. Press [Enter] after typing. For example, entering ?www will show all notes that have www in them (websites). Note: By design, searching does not find encrypted text, even if you've entered the password (item B).
The Password button lets you set or remove the password for the current note. The password is not saved or sent anywhere, and is forgotten when you quit AlomWare Toolbox. When enabled and a password is entered, you can encrypt all or part of the current note by selecting the relevent text and then right-clicking the mouse to show the note menu (item H). Then select Encryption from the menu and the text will be either encrypted or decrypted.
The A-Z buttons let you filter your notes by the first letter found in them. For example, if one note starts with Websites and another starts with (World), then both notes will show in the list when the "W" button is pressed.
The green plus button lets you add a new note. Pressing the [F5] key will insert the date and time in the note where the cursor is, and the format for this can be changed in Settings.
Click the list header to filter notes by text and/or date. Hold down the [Ctrl] key when clicking the header to remove the filter and show all notes.
This is the list of your notes and are always sorted by date, with the newest notes at top. Notes created or edited today are shown in black text, and other days are in gray. To permanently delete any, click them (with the [Ctrl] key held down for multiple selections) and press the [Delete] key. You can right-click the list to perform actions on some or all of your notes, such as locking them to prevent accidental deletion/editing.
This is the text of the selected note and is shown in a fixed-width font so you can type lined-up text and tables. Statistics about the text are shown in the window's status bar (item I). You can right-click the box to perform actions on the note, such as encrypting/decrypting the selected text, or toggling word-wrap on and off.
This is the menu that appears when right-clicking a note's text. If the Encryption item is disabled, it's because you haven't set a password (item B).
This is statistics of the current note: the number of characters, words, sentences, paragraphs, and seconds needed to read.