Screenshots Tab

The Screenshots tab (Fig. 1) is used to show the screenshots that you've taken with the [PrtSc] key, so that you can either re-copy them later, view them again later, or re-visit their website if they were taken on a supported web browser (see below). Screenshots taken with AlomWare Toolbox are always saved in lossless PNG format, and will automatically have any text in them stored using optical character recognition (OCR).

Disclaimer: The OCR feature is provided by the Operating System and may not always be 100% reliable. Any failure to correctly get or filter OCR text is not a bug with AlomWare Toolbox.

Supported web browsers when taking a website screenshot with AlomWare Toolbox are: Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. URLs are saved with a built-in keypress action.

You can right-click the tab itself to set it as your favorite tab (always shown when Toolbox's window opens), or to access related Settings for it.

Please ensure you've looked at the Privacy settings of AlomWare Toolbox, as they can affect what happens in this tab.

Fig. 1

Click this button to show all screenshots saved in AlomWare Toolbox's folder.
Click this button to show all screenshots that are in AlomWare Toolbox's external folder. The external folder is an archive where you can move older screenshots into so they don't take up space where AlomWare Toolbox is installed. You can change the location of this folder by right-clicking the "Screenshots" tab and selecting "Show related Settings".
Click the list header to filter screenshot names by text, date, or OCR text (if any). To change the number of screenshots shown, specify a filter in the format /# where # is the number to show, or 0 for no limit. Hold down the [Ctrl] key when clicking the header to remove the filter and show all screenshots up to the limit. To filter screenshots by the text found in them with OCR, specify the filter in the format ocr=text where text is the text to find.
This is the list of your screenshots and are always sorted by date, with the newest screenshot at top. By default for speed reasons only the last 100 screenshots are initially shown, but you can filter the list to show more (or all) by clicking the list header (item C). Screenshots taken today are shown in black text, and other days are in gray. To permanently delete any, click them (with the [Ctrl] key held down for multiple selections) and press the [Delete] key. You can right-click the list to perform actions on some or all of your screenshots, such as locking them to prevent accidental deletion/editing, or to perform actions on them (item F), such as copying any text in them to the clipboard with OCR.
This is a preview of the selected screenshot. By default it sizes itself to be the width of the box, but you can change this in Settings to be actual size (or click it and press [Numpad Plus] or [Numpad Minus] to toggle between fit and actual). After clicking it, you can also rotate it in 90-degree steps by pressing the [Left] or [Right] arrow keys.
This is the pop-up menu that appears when you right-click an item. Select "Visit site" to re-open the website where the screenshot was taken (if done on a supported browser as mentioned at top). Select "Move" or "Move/lock" to move it to the "External" folder, or if you're viewing that folder then this will move it back to the "Toolbox" folder. Select "Copy text" to use OCR technology to copy any text in the screenshot to the clipboard.
This is statistics of the selected screnshot: the date/time it was taken, and the website if taken on a supported browser.