AlomWare Toolbox is portable software that doesn't require installation and runs immediately from wherever you unzipped it. However, this End-User License Agreement must be read, understood, and accepted before you are permitted to use it.


"Agreement" and "EULA" refers to "End-User License Agreement" (this document).
"AlomWare Toolbox" and "Product" refers to "Toolbox.exe" and all its related files.
"You" and "Your" refers to the individual person that is using this version of the Product.
"Author" refers to the individual person who developed the Product and all its related files.
"AlomWare" refers collectively to the Author, Product, company, website, and social sites.


This is a binding legal Agreement between You, the Author and AlomWare pertaining solely to this specific version of the Product (seen above) and supercedes all previous Agreements found in other versions of the Product. By installing, running, using, or paying for the Product, You are agreeing to be legally bound by all terms and conditions found in this EULA and also by everything else mentioned in the related instruction manual. If You do not agree to these terms, then You may not use the Product and must remove it from Your personal computer ("PC") and any other storage devices, media, and locations holding copies of it.

You understand that any unlock code provided to You for the Product is for Your own private personal use only, and that giving Your unlock code to others is considered a violation of this EULA and will immediately and permanently ban Your unlock code in all future versions of the Product with no recourse and with no refund of any payment made to obtain the unlock code; and that no correspondence about the ban will be entered into.

You understand that the Product is written for and intended only for PCs running English versions of Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit) or later, and AlomWare is under no obligation to update the Product or support other non-compliant PCs that don't meet these specifications.

You understand that the Product relies on the latest version of Microsoft Windows upon which it runs, and agree that it is Your responsibility to keep Microsoft Windows updated to ensure the Product can function as intended with it; and any real or perceived failure of the Product to function as intended due to Your lack of applying Microsoft Windows updates is not considered to be a bug with the Product.

You understand that the Product should only be directly downloaded from AlomWare.com for safety reasons, and You agree to read the entire instruction manual that comes with the Product and also take heed of all text messages and warnings in the Product when shown to you. All use of the Product is entirely at Your own risk, and therefore You agree to backup all important data and files before running and using the Product; and should any damages, loss, or unexpected behavior occur to Your PC and/or life in general as a result of using the Product, either from Your own intentional or unintentional activity or by unforeseen errors ("bugs") in the Product, then You agree not to hold the Author or AlomWare liable in any way.

You agree that the Product is provided "as-is" for Your non-exclusive use and comes without any guarantees as to its future existence, features, error-free use, reliability, or safe performance in any form; particularly with regard to operational compatibility with future versions of Microsoft Windows, or as a result of Product reliance on third-party products or services to operate; and that no refund or compensation will be made to You as a result of any sudden loss or change of features, functionality, or existence. In addition, AlomWare will be under no obligation to update the Product to be compatible with future versions of Microsoft Windows if/when they become available.

You understand that the Product may not be compatible with other third-party software, and that other third-party software may cause incompatibility issues when used at the same time as the Product; and in such cases You agree not to hold the Author or AlomWare liable in any way for any issues, damages, or loss arising from the other third-party software product, its developer, its vendor, and/or its management.

You understand that some features and functions of the Product may behave differently on different PCs than to what is expected or described on an existing PC, due to unforeseen issues and unique configurations that every PC has; and that this is not a bug or considered a valid reason for compensation due to it being impossible for the Author to ensure 100% compatibility on every PC in existence.

You will not modify, add to, remove from, translate, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Product or any part thereof, or otherwise attempt to derive source code or create derivative works therefrom; and You will not remove, alter, obscure or destroy any notice of copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights placed upon or within the Product.

You will not rent, sell, lease, lend, give away, share with, include with, make available for download or access, offer on a "pay-per-use" or "pay-per-something" basis, or otherwise commercially or non-commercially distribute or exploit any version of the Product (both free or paid) in any way. Exceptions may be negotiated but You must first obtain the prior written permission of the Author before doing so.

You understand that the Product name is a trademark of the Author, and that the Product always remains the copyright of, and the legal and intellectual property of, the Author at all times; and that Your payment for the Product is solely to receive an unlock code that removes the two-hour session limit for one month or one year for one PC with technical support for that same time period only; and does not transfer ownership, copyright, property, or any other rights or claims to the Product to You in any way.

You understand that Your business relationship with AlomWare is unique and may differ from AlomWare's business relationship with others, be they an individual, business, organization, or other entity; and that any special deals, privileges or arrangements that AlomWare has with said others do not automatically apply to You, and no correspondence about such arrangements will be entered into.

If You violate any of the points in this EULA or instruction manual, or contact AlomWare in an abusive manner or lodge repeated frivolous, vexatious or non-Product related support requests, then Your business relationship with AlomWare will immediately and permanently cease with no compensation to You; and AlomWare will be under no obligation to provide You with any further contact, technical support, unlock codes, sales, or updates to any Product(s) that You use or AlomWare develops.

You understand that if AlomWare fails to enforce anything in this EULA, such failure is not considered to be a waiver of that enforcement, and that actual enforcement may occur at a later time and without prior notice, explanation or compensation to You.

AlomWare welcomes any feedback, bug reports, and ideas that will improve our Products. However, You agree that any such correspondence AlomWare receives from You may be used indefinitely in any form without any compensation, credit or acknowledgement to You.